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Projects and Initiatives:

Aberfoyle Hub Preschool is a member of AuSSI SA (Australian sustainable Schools Initiative South Australia)

We have placed environmental education as a focus for our program and these practices are embedded in our everyday activities. We also recognise the importance of nature play activities and these are incorporated into our outdoor environment.

Focus on reducing wastage

Core value: Everyone in our preschool community’s actions reflect that we are all capable and responsible for contributing towards sustainable communities.

We have the following sustainable practices in place:

We are working towards embedding these sustainable practices:

In our Gardens:

At both sites children are involved in the planting and care of our vegetable gardens. Produce is eaten fresh or used in cooking activities. Fruit trees are developing and provide opportunities for children to experience new taste sensations.

Our large gum trees provide habitats for bird life and koalas. 2 large rainwater tanks enable us to save on water consumption with the water being used for play activities and to water plants.


We have hens at both sites and children and their families collect the eggs, feed the hens and care for them on weekends and during holidays. Each year chickens are hatched at Taylors Rd site in an incubator.

Nature Play:

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Nature play provides opportunities for children to develop their learning dispositions of imagination, curiosity, resilience, persistence, confidence, collaboration, problem solving and self-regulation.

In our outdoor environment we want children to have opportunities to explore, take risks, challenge themselves and engage in open ended activities to develop these dispositions.

Children engage in mud play, cook and role play in the mud kitchen, balance on large logs, explore water properties, shift rocks, climb on boulders, step across tree stumps, relax in our huge bamboo tepee, play with pipes, sticks, stones, pine cones, bark and other natural materials.